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Our Mission

To inspire a passion and a purpose in Bayside High School graduates and friends with an objective of fostering the betterment of Bayside High School, its students, its faculty, its community and its future generations; to strengthen bonds and build relationships between alumni, students and the community; to perpetuate the bonds between past and present Bayside High School students for mutual growth, support and benefit.


Bayside High School

Alice C. Hartley Rose Garden Dedication

The Friends of Bayside High School honored the life and legacy of Bayside’s late French teacher Ms. Alice C. Hartley with a lovely new rose garden in front of the school.

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Avella allocates $1M to Bayside High School

Read about Bayside High School’s recent $1 Million allocation.

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Bayside High School Celebrates 80th Anniversary

Read about how Bayside High School celebrated its 80th anniversary.

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Read about one of Bayside High School’s very own student presents his mobile game at the City Computer Fair.

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Read about one of Bayside High School’s very own athletes and their battle and success with asthma.

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